Actor Vijay Sethupathi has a huge number of movies in his line up for release and in a few months his new film “Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir” will be released in the cinemas. In the film, Vijay Sethupathi plays the role of an Eelam-Tamil Musician who comes to India.

The first song from the film will be out from tomorrow. The song is called “Muruga” and the music is composed by Nivas K Prasanna. He had already worked with Vijay Sethupathi for the movie “Sethupathi” and the album became a huge hit among the tamil music fans.

With the singer selection for the first song “Muruga” a certain hype has arisen among the tamil music listeners. Singer/Actor TR Silambarasan and Rapper Mc Sai from England are coming together for the first time in this song.

MC Sai is an Eelam-Tamil Rapper who is a well-known person in the independent music scene for many years. MC Sai and Nivas K Prasanna met some time ago at a concert in Malaysia and from that day after seeing MC Sai’s performance both had planned to work together. The song was recorded one year ago and tomorrow it will be released in all social media streaming platforms.

We contacted MC Sai and his words were as follows: “I am thrilled to have my first official song in the cinema industry about Tamil and Tamil Kadavul Murugan. It is an auspicious beginning for me as I am very spiritual.

We look forward to sharing the song with you tomorrow on our Santhora Platform and we wish MC Sai a very successful start in the Tamil film industry.